‘To remain a group of focused individuals with the highest regard for the quality design of sustainable outdoor places.’

Pursue the firm’s mission with persistent passion while working in a creative studio environment that respects the roles and expertise of all team members. Balance our creative energies with the site’s physical environment, local cultural context, and the realities of economic limitations. To carry out our vision we will:

  • Respect the earth and environment with our everyday pursuits and design process.
  • Continually seek out the clients and projects that will support our mission.
  • Remain committed to excellence.
  • Take risks.
  • Broaden our knowledge base.
  • Recruit and reward those individuals who have the talent and beliefs to substantially contribute to the firm’s mission.
  • Provide our staff with the right tools and training for their continued motivation and success.
  • Encourage our staff to provide innovative, creative, and functional design solutions that solve problems and create value for our clients.
  • Treat our clients and coworkers with everyday courtesy and respect.
  • Set out ambitious but achievable goals for ourselves and for our company.

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Land Planning - Landscape Architecture - Placemaking/Mixed-Use - Mining Reclamation - Site Amenity Design

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